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Santa Fe Importers

  • Samta Fe Importers  Sandwiches

    Whether you are hungry for light fare or hearty Italian comfort food, Santa Fe Importers has something to satisfy everyone.  Our Marisa Brand sausage, meatballs and lunch meats are made in our U.S.D.A. inspected facility, right next door to our Long Beach location.  Only the finest ingredients are used in the Passanisi family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  We are proud to offer you these items and more on our deli menu and we are committed to serving the freshest, best-tasting Italian food in town.

  • Samta Fe Importers  Hot Sandwiches

    Hot Sandwiches

    Our selection of hot sandwiches contains generous portions of all your mouth-watering favorites:  Italian-style meatballs, fresh Italian sausage, Italian beef and roasted pork, among others.  Come see us on Meatball Monday for special prices on the always satisfying meatball sandwich, layered with provolone or mozzarella cheese and smothered in our homemade spaghetti sauce.  All small sandwiches are served on a 7-inch fresh-baked roll and the large on a 10-inch fresh-baked roll.

  • Samta Fe Importers  Pizza


    Baked on homemade dough, our pizzas are topped with your choice of the best and freshest ingredients.  May we suggest... the combination pizza, layered with fresh, sliced mushrooms, as well as our Marisa Brand pepperoni and sausage.  If you prefer a vegetarian meal, we can top yours with bell peppers, mushrooms and olives.  And for those with a more refined palate, ask for pepperoni and anchovies.  Now, that’s good stuff!

  • Samta Fe Importers  Pasta


    A hot dish of pasta is a satisfying meal in anyone’s book.  Ours is made with our homemade spaghetti sauce that’s second to none; we start with sautéed onions, then add Italian sausage, olive oil and the thickest tomato puree around.  You pick the pasta and decide if you’re hungry for meatballs or sausage ... Marisa Brand, of course... did I mention that we make our own?

  • Santa Fe Importers Cold Sandwiches

    Cold Sandwiches

    Santa Fe’s cold sandwiches are made from only premium quality lunch meats and cheeses, including our Marisa Brand cotto salami and mortadella, made in-house.  Served on a fresh-baked roll and your choice of mayo, mustard, Italian dressing, onion, lettuce and tomato, the small sandwiches are 7-inch and large 10-inch.  Try the Special “Italian Style” (with mustard, Italian dressing and onions), for the perfect combination of Old World flavors.

  • Samta Fe Importers  Salads


    Here at Santa Fe Importers, we make our green salads fresh every day with crisp romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pepperoncini, olives and onions.  Top it with a grilled and chilled chicken breast and Imported Pecorino Romano and presto chango, you have our Chicken Caesar.  Your choice of dressings includes ranch, blue cheese, caesar and our own Italian balsamic.  Take a look inside the Santa Fe deli case for a variety of homemade pasta, vegetable and antipasto salads.  You are sure to find one that fits your food mood.

  • Samta Fe Importers Olive Bar

    Olive Bar

    Santa Fe’s olive bar is a hit with our regulars.  We stock it up with Italian favorites like jumbo Sicilian olives marinated in Italian herbs and garlic, delicious marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, oil-cured olives, giardiniera and pepperoncini.  Serve yourself, mix it up and enjoy!

  • Santa Fe Importers Weekly SpecialsWeekly Specials

    Weekly SPECIALS

    In addition to our regular menu, we like to offer our customers a little something special each day of the week. Take a look at our specials menu to see what we're cooking up. Chicken Parmesan, Baked Pasta and Tuscan Turkey Sandwiches are just a few items that we put together for your enjoyment.